“Tonka’s Tips”

Tonka and I have had all kinds of issues to deal with and I’m sure there is more to come. So we have decided to share information so that others can benefit the way we have.

Hopefully, in the above intro you noticed the word “we” is used a lot, thats because working with a Service Dog takes a commitment and a desire to learn. Training is actually just learning about each other as you both learn a new way of living, its that simple. Sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes bumpy…but its always together, no matter what.

You’ll find a tip reference for a majority of questions and a date for the blog post that will be most helpful.

Remember to contact me if you don’t find your answer, thanks.

Tip #1 … March 6 2017 in archives …definition of a Service Dog in Ontario

Tip #2 … Service Dog Mentor…a niche filled. …more about what I hope to do and the actual AODA requirement as per The Customer Service Standard and why we can train our own dog.

Tip #3 … Tonka takes the train… Travelling on VIA Rail with a Service Dog is very different from riding the GO System or municipal transportation…VIA is federal and exempt from the AODA requirements…this should help understanding what they need.