Yes, I have a Service Dog. I’ll bet you’ve never seen one like this before have you? Well, he is my own dog that I trained myself (yes, I can train you) and he’s legal in Ontario, so he’s legal everywhere. Except airplanes, so far…

This is my own personal blog to share a journey to discover myself again. This gives me a place to speak to “my issues” surrounding mental health, such as support from government services, availability of Service Dogs and generally venting sometimes!  I also advocate with a small group of others for people with a disability in Gananoque, Ontario. Specializing in PTSD Service Dog’s myself, click on “Tonka’s Tip’s” for Service Dog resources.

When it comes to service dogs the AODA allows for a self-trained dog. There are some generally accepted rules such as behaviour in public, control of the animal, definition of a Service Dog, that the dog must perform specific tasks and that you have a diagnosed disability. The list seems daunting…but its not, trust me, I actually found that it helped me gain some confidence in hindsight.

Hope you can relate and that you find at least one positive thing here to help you…no matter how small.

Need some help, use my contact page and I’ll try…